Where To Celebrate Bastille Day

The Europeans are giving us plenty of reasons to party this week, so citoyens du monde, fill the vuvuzela void in your hand with a glass of vin rouge 'cause Wednesday is Bastille Day.

You're sure to find a few bon vivants toasting the French fête nationale at my favorite bistros in town — Dupont's Bistrot du Coin (ok, maybe a long line of bon vivants), Georgtown's Bistro Lepic and downtown's snug little Bistro d'Oc.

Here's a look at a few more places to find a party:

L'Enfant Cafe (patio pictured) is hosting its raucous annual Bastille Day block party on Vernon Street between 18th and 19th from 4-11 p.m. Highlights include a French maid race at 8 p.m. and a masquerade ball with DJ and dancing in the street right after. Entry is $5 and bars and food stands will be set up.

BLT Steak is slashing the prices on all French wine by the glass and bottle by 50 percent. Got any Chateau Lafite back there, sommelier?

Cafe du Parc at The Willard will be celebrating during lunch and dinner with live music, crepe stations and grilled French dishes.


Laetitia Laure said...

Merci, this is a good post full of fun ways to celebrate le quatorze juillet!

Anonymous said...

Took your suggestion and went to Cafe du Parc, and while the food was decent, the service was comically, epically, mind-bogglingly bad (including, but not limited to, wine poured without first checking it wasn't corked and "comped" desserts that ended up on the bill)

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that, anon. That's no fun.