Bar Chef Five Bites: Amy Troutmiller

Chef Five Bites has gone drinking with his buddies, and in his place, Metrocurean gets the scoop on what the area's best bar chefs (aka mixologists, bartenders, what you will) like to eat when they're not shaking you an amazing cocktail.

First up is Amy Troutmiller, Urbana's assistant general manager and the brains behind the new summery cocktail list. She also has a thing for pickles — try her housemade pickled purple cauliflower, baby onions, yellow wax beans, baby carrots and okra at Urbana's bar. (And look for the featured $5 cocktail at the extended summer happy hour, 4-8 p.m. daily.) Naturally, her bites are a selection of dishes that can and should be enjoyed at a bar.

1. Pho terrine at Proof

2. Jamon Iberico where ever I can get it (consistently at Jaleo)

3. Tofanelli Charbono by the glass at Veritas

4. The amaro selection at The Passenger

5. Irish breakfast at Fado

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