Bar Chef Five Bites: Gina Chersevani

Continuing with a look at what dishes strike the fancy of the folks behind your carefully crafted cocktail, 5 Bites turns to mixtress extraordinaire Gina Chersevani of PS 7's. Gina grew up in New York playing with pizza dough thanks to her Northern Italian chef father. She's made a name for herself creating innovative drinks behind the bars at Rasika, EatBar and 15ria. Here are her 5 Bites and, a boozy bonus, 5 drinks:

1. Lamb burger at Proof

2. Octopus at Bar Pilar

3. Pork belly skewer at Kushi

4. Crispy squid with basil from Thai Square

5. Double dip chicken wings from Old Ebbitt Grill

Bottoms up!

1. Big Eye Girl from PX by Clinton Terry

2. "The Mike Hall" from Chris Krombach at the Irish Times (Yup, I said it, I love this shot.)

3. Negroni with Gran Classico at The Passenger

4. Darkside from Adam Bernbach at Proof

5. Willet (all of them) at The Gibson