Masa 14 Team Plans Taqueria On 14th

A former furniture restoration shop will become a Mexican taqueria from the Masa 14 team next spring.

Chefs Kaz Okochi and Richard Sandoval are planning to open a Mexican taqueria next spring at 1819 14th St. NW, just a few doors down from their first collaboration, the Latin-Asian Masa 14.

Okochi, who also runs Kaz Sushi Bistro, tells Metrocurean that the yet-to-be-named taqueria will have three levels, including a basement with a "surprise concept." (My money's on a speakeasy.) The main floor will offer carry-out tacos with some eat-in seating and an open kitchen. Early plans also include a rooftop level, possibly with a bar and seating for dining.

Mexico-native Sandoval, whose restaurant empire stretches from Dubai to Las Vegas to DC's Zengo, will take the lead on developing the menu, says Okochi.

They considered incorporating the Latin-Asian flavors of Masa 14, but decided to do a more straightforward, authentic Mexican concept.

Okochi says the new restaurant will be casual with lower prices than Masa 14.

Latif Guler, who also owns 17th Street's new Agora and is a partner in Masa 14, is working with the chefs on the new project.


Anonymous said...

No matter what, their tacos will not come close to the women selling tacos in Adams Morgan (Unity Park) at Mi Terra. Kind of shame they are selling tacos for $4.

Amanda said...

They haven't even opened yet. Seems early to make such a definitive statement. ; )

But I would agree that restaurant tacos lack the charm of buying tacos off the street. I say the more good tacos, the better ... in the park or at a restaurant table.

floridagirlindc said...

Fun - I'm excited to try them. Did you try those hot dogs they were grilling at Masa 14 on Dog Days? Made me think they can interpret street food well. *crossing fingers*

Amanda said...

Mmm, I had just eaten french toast + bacon at Bar Pilar before I saw the Masa dogs. Looked good!