Peregrine Espresso Opening On 14th St.

Peregrine cappuccino.
Photo: flickr user Kevin H.

Let's kick off Monday with some caffeinated news, shall we? Capitol Hill coffee shop Peregrine Espresso will open a second location at 1718 14th St. NW, the owners announced Friday on their blog.

"It’s going to be many months before we open but we are very excited to be joining that vibrant retail and dining corridor and couldn’t keep it in any longer," they write.

The address was home to Flowers on 14th, which recently moved into the old Cafe Salsa space a few doors down.

The original Peregrine opened on Capitol Hill in August 2008 and has since become a neighborhood favorite. The shop serves Counter Culture coffee and espresso, baked goods and such. Peregrine's iced coffee got a shout-out in the August issue of Food & Wine.


Noah said...

It seems to me that merchants opening second shops on 14th street haven't bothered to walk down the street. Peregrine is going to come in less than a block from Mid City Caffe, also serving Counter Culture beans.

This is just like the near-proliferation of creperies, and the uncomfortable business of second rate wine shop Cork and Fork moving in from Virginia a block away from Cork and two blocks away from Cork Market.

Sure, competition is good, but it's either a lack of due diligence or a lack of imagination that seems to be plaguing the area.


Amanda said...

As long as my two favorite drinks — coffee and wine — are well represented, I'm good! ; )

Anonymous said...

Noah you are right on with your comments. Seems to me DC is more bandwagonesque than many places I've been.

Peregrine espresso said...

Awesome place, I love their drinks. Just did a review on them here: