Chef Five Bites: Michelle Snow & Todd Bracken

Things have been busy for Michelle Snow and Todd Bracken. The couple,
who met on a few years ago, got hitched on New Year's Eve
2009, and in May, fulfilled a lifelong dream of Michelle's when they
opened Frosting A Cupcakery in Chevy
Chase. After visiting bakeshops in New York City, Bracken asked his future wife, "Can I make your dream OUR
dream?" Now their love story will be told in a new book coming out Sept.
13, "The Icing on the Cake," published by True Vows, a new genre of
reality-based romance novels.

Their new boutique bakeshop and Illy coffee bar keeps them busy, but
when they do get a chance to eat out, here's what they're after:

Spicy red dragon roll at Raku

2. Medium extra
mushroom and sausage pizza with a side of Ledo's sauce at any Ledo

3. Vegetable steamed dumplings at Meiwah
in Chevy Chase

4. Fish tacos at Taqueria
in Del Ray

5. BLZ chicken sandwich at Bistro
La Zeez

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