Greg Engert's 5 Fall Beers To Drink Now

Oktoberfest officially kicked off this weekend over in Germany, and with the spirit of frothy steins and lederhosen in mind, Metrocurean asked brew authority Greg Engert for his picks on the best fall beers to drink now. Engert's carefully cultivated list of more than 500 beers at Churchkey and Birch and Barley has garnered national attention. You'll find these picks on rotation throughout the fall. Prost!

1. Hochzeitsbier Von 1810 from Austria's Brauerei Hofstetten-Krammer (6.3% alcohol)
Greg says: "This is perhaps the closest rendition of what the Bavarians were drinking in the
early days of Oktoberfest. It weds the freshness
of just baked bread — and a spicy malt richness — with an effervescent brightness
underpinned by an herbal German hop dryness."

2. Pumking from New York's Southern Tier Brewing Company (8.8%)

Greg says: "Pumpkin ales have long struck me as reminiscent of pumpkin pie, but have never
actually stood in for that most autumnal of desserts. That is, until I first tasted
Pumking, which consists of an ample malt base and myriad
aromas engendered by a more intense fermentation. The standard pumpkin and
spice additions — think nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice — round this out for a glass
of pumpkin pie."

3. Canadian Breakfast Stout from Michigan's Founders Brewing Company (9.4%)

Greg says: "Among the rarest of the barrel-aged bunch, Canadian Breakfast Stout is perfect
for the autumn season. The base beer is Founders’ now classic Breakfast Stout,
a silky-rich brew with oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, Sumatra
and Kona coffee. This
stout is aged in Bourbon barrels that have been pitched with Canadian maple
syrup. The result is a softer and further layered tipple: breakfast meets dessert."

4. Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale 2010 from California's Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (6.7%)
Greg says: "This is the third year that Sierra Nevada has released an ale composed of barley and
hops exclusively grown at the brewery, and the first year that the beer has been
deemed certifiably organic. Perhaps the finest wet-hopped ale around."

5. The Kaiser from Colorado's Avery Brewing Company (10.3%)

Greg says: "Avery has crafted a sort of Imperial Oktoberfest with The Kaiser, an Oktoberfest for
sipping as autumn comes to a close. This bold American brew displays an intense
toffee and honeyed toast sweetness followed by herbaceous hop bitterness and
spicy alcohol notes."