Hand Soap Chic

I like fancy hand soap. There I said it. And who says hand washing has to be so utilitarian, anyway?

I was going to title this "The Most Expensive Hand Soap You'll Buy" but here's the thing — I think adding a little bit of luxury to your kitchen countertop or bathroom sink doesn't come much easier than these beauties. The liquid soaps are great quality and you can keep the glass bottles to refill. So go ahead and indulge in a little sudsy extravagance.

from left:


Grease from restaurants like chef Mario Batali's Mozza is recycled into this eco-friendly soap, scented
with bergamot, olive and exotic grasses. $12.50 (8 oz)

Claus Porto

Acacia flower and tuberose scent this aloe vera-based formula with a gorgeous Art Deco-inspired bottle. $18
(13.5 oz)

Savon de Marseille

This sleek matte black bottle is filled with biodegradable ylang ylang perfumed suds. $29 (10 oz)

Limited Edition Savon de Marseille

J'adore! A Marseille artist designed this beautiful bottle inspired by the French port city and its sailors' tattoos as part of the 20th anniversary collection for La Compagnie de Provence. The fig-scented soap is made from vegetable oils. $28 (16.9 oz)