Ideas for weekend to-go lunch downtown?


I work in downtown DC and find the lunch options on weekends (especially Sunday) a bit limited as compared to during the week. Any recommendations where I can get a quick, but good to-go meal downtown on a Sunday? - Adam H.

Amanda says:

It always amazes me how downtown can look like such a ghost town on weekends. Except for spots catering to the wandering family of tourists, tasty options for people working on weekends can be limited. But you're not without hope!

For a good to-go meal downtown, I like the spicy chicken with peri-peri sauce at Nando's (1210 18th St. NW or 819 Seventh St. NW) or the French bistro classics at Cafe du Parc (1401 Pennsylvania Ave.), both of which are open for lunch on weekends.

At chef Ris Lacoste's downtown corner restaurant Ris, the Sunday brunch menu (also starting Saturdays this fall) offers some to-go worthy lunch options, like a freshly ground beef cheeseburger with onion jam and New England clam chowder.

The new and very delicious Kushi serves lunch on weekends and may be willing to do takeout. You could also check out the Saturday Indian lunch buffet at Aroma (1919 I St. NW), go French at Crepeaway (2001 L St. NW), or grab sandwiches from Taylor Gourmet (485 K St. NW) or FoBoGro (2140 F St. NW).