Drink This: Fall Cocktails at PS 7's

Gina Chersevani's seckel pear jelly jars.
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Gina Chersevani took the essence of autumn and stuck it in a jar.

really, that was my reaction when I tried her new jelly jar drinks at PS
. Order the pear version and you'll be presented with a
glass holding one perfectly square hunk of ice and a jelly jar
containing a seasonal concoction of Willett Rye, honey, vanilla,
cinnamon and a few seckel pears. Crack open the jar and pour the
ever-so-smooth drink over your cube. All you need to complete the perfect
fall scene would be a roaring fire and a scenic vista of colorful changing

For now, the city bar will have to do, but a drink that
conjures up those images is a win in my book.

The slightly
sweeter fig jelly jar contains six year Willett Pot Still bourbon, Evan
Williams honey bourbon, Apostoles sherry, honey, vanilla bean and plump
black figs. The jars, $17.50, serve two or make a nice sized double.

The South of the Pumkin Patch cocktail is topped with crispy jamon.

delicious and fantastically fall from Gina's brilliant mixology mind:
the South of the Pumkin Patch. The tall drink, crowned with a slice of
crispy jamon, combines housemade pumpkin syrup and pumpkin foam with
Vida mezcal and lemon.

Not so seasonal but really too cool not to
mention (seriously, the cocktail creativity on Gina's menus knows no bounds) is
the Sav U'R Cereal drink, inspired by David Chang's cereal milk ice
cream at Manhattan's Milk

"I went to Milk Bar in New York, and I loved the ice
cream," Chersevani says. "But they wouldn't tell me what kind of cereal
it was." So she bought more than 20 different cereals to test out in the
PS 7's kitchen. She decided on Cap'n Crunch, which is cooked down with
milk and sugar. Then she mixes her cereal milk with Old Overholt rye and
St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram.

The finishing touch? A garnish of crunch
berries and cereal, naturally. A playful way to end a night.