Sauca's Orange Blossom Limunad

Metrocurean contributor Carrie Pais is a fan of floral waters in drinks and dishes. She chatted with Farhad Assari, owner of the DC area's popular Sauca food trucks, who shared his recipe for Sauca's signature "limunad" scented with orange blossom water.

Sauca’s Limunad
courtesy Sauca owner Farhad Assari

makes about 6 servings

1 quart lime juice

1 ¼ quarts mint syrup (see recipe below)

1 ounce orange blossom water*

½ cup mint leaves

for serving:

soda water to top off the drinks

ice cubes

all ingredients in a large container (2 ½ quart capacity or larger),
and mix vigorously using a whisk. Cover and refrigerate. To make a
single serving, add 3 ounces of the mix to a 12 ounce glass filled with
ice. Top with soda water to taste, stir and serve. Use any extra mint
leaves to garnish each glass.

Mint Syrup

4 cups water

4 cups sugar

10-12 mint sprigs

a medium-sized pot, bring the water to a boil. Add the sugar and stir
until dissolved. Gently crush the mint leaves enough to release the
oils, and add them to the pot. Let simmer for 5 minutes, then remove
from heat and let cool. Using a strainer, strain the syrup
into a container, cover and store.

* Look for orange blossom water at specialty foods stores, Indian or Middle Eastern markets, or some major grocery stores, including Whole Foods.