Best Restaurant Fireplaces

This is the time of year I start pining for a fireplace so much so I may
just have to invest in one of those faux fire Amish numbers that you
roll around your house on wheels.

Or ... maybe I'll just go out.

Here are my top picks for dining or drinking by firelight.

Tabard Inn:
My favorite fireplace in the city is the one in the Tabard's sitting
room. Chantal Tseng's fantastic drinks are the perfect accompaniment.

Ritz-Carlton Georgetown:
I love the Ritz's lobby for a swanky spot to meet for drinks. Free
passed s'mores from 6:30-7 p.m. each evening sweeten the deal.

1789: When it comes to classic romance, you can't beat 1789's main dining room, with a crackling fire.

Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons: Bundle up, grab a drink and get toasty by the outdoor fire pits on the Four Seasons' patio.

Sonoma: A glass of California Zinfandel is best enjoyed by the fire in Sonoma's upstairs lounge.

Oya: The long line of fire, inset in a giant white marble wall, may be more
for show than actual warmth, but you still get a cozy vibe seated near

La Chaumiere
: The rustic stone fireplace adds warmth to this classic French spot in Georgetown.

Equinox: Ask for a seat beside the eco-friendly flame set into one of the wall's at Equinox.