Chef 5 Bites: Jorge Pimentel

5 Bites is asking the people behind DC's newest street food craze what they eat when they're not stuck inside a truck. First up, chef Jorge Pimentel who spent the last five years since immigrating to
the U.S. from the Dominican Republic working his way up the ranks in DC
kitchens, including Mark & Orlando’s, Masa 14 and CommonWealth. His Latin-inspired food truck Sabor'a Street should start rolling this month. Follow them on Twitter @saborastreet.

1. Banh Mi Heo Nuong (grilled pork) from Song Que Deli

2. Hamachi nigiri (yellow tail) from Kotobuki

3. Feijao Tropeiro from Cafe Atlantico

4. Mezza platter at Neyla

5. Baklava from Mama Ayesha's

Get hungry and browse more 5 Bites.

Get hungry and browse more 5 Bites.