DC-3 Opens Wednesday

The Chicago 7 dog at DC-3.
Photo courtesy DC-3.

The team behind Matchbox and Ted's Bulletin
will unveil their latest concept this week on Capitol Hill. Dishing up
some 17 types of regional hot dogs, from DC to New York to
Tuscon and Chicago, DC-3 is slated to open its doors Wednesday at 423 Eighth St. SE.

after the 1940s Douglas Commercial airplane — check out the massive
vintage propeller on the wall — the new hot dog joint rounds up some of
the classic preparations from around the country. There's the DC half
smoke, the New Jersey bacon-wrapped ripper, the Chicago 7 with pickles
and tomatoes, and even a version of the standard New York dirty
water dog.

And then there's the not so classic. The Bay Bridge
pretzel dog nods to the mid-Atlantic with crab dip heaped on the hot
dog. (I'm all for new traditions like this one.) The Arkansas Razorback
Red cheese and bacon dog is topped with chili, coleslaw, onions and
fried pickle chips, and the Q's Seoul Bulgogi & Kimchi combines an
Angus beef dog with marinated rib-eye bulgogi and kimchi.

Some of the buns are coming from local bakeries Lyon and Heidelberg.

Paying homage to its big brother Matchbox and the pizza restaurant's ever-popular mini
burgers served in orders of three, six and nine, DC-3 will sell mini hot
dogs in orders of two, four and six.

For dessert, I got a sample of the fluffy cotton candy they were
testing this weekend — the sweet will be spun right at the counter. The
playful menu also includes soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt
(chocolate dipped if you please).

DC-3 also has its own language spelled out behind the counter that regulars will want to learn. My favorite is "fire it up" for add Sriracha. Yes, please.

DC-3 will open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.