Sweet Gift Ideas For The Office


"I'm leaving my current job for a new opportunity and wanted to
send something special to the office as a thank you. The staff are
mainly female, so few things are as appreciated as sweet treats.
Cupcakes seem to be overdone these days, especially in DC. Can you
suggest any ideas or places where I might find something tasty and fun
to send to the ladies I'm leaving?" - Maggie

Amanda says:

hear you on cupcakes. We are a city awash in frosting and petite cakes. For a
fun alternative, you could send over a box of sandwich cookies — like
chewy chocolate cookies filled with mocha buttercream — or the Bee
Sting bars (one of my faves!) from Baked and Wired
in Georgetown. They make a perfectly respectable breakfast, by the way.
The Lust bars sound amazing too ... a shortbread base coated with
homemade caramel, sprinkled with toasted slivered almonds and drizzled
with bittersweet chocolate.

A box of the super decadent brownies from Buzz Bakery would fit the bill as well. And going a little glam, you could offer up a selection of colorful French macarons. Try Michel Patisserie or Adour.

Competing with macarons to overthrow the cupcake are whoopie pies. B. Hall Baker delivers and if your order is large enough, give Whoops Bake Shop a shout. Whole Foods is even selling them.

Also check out Artisan Confections' peanut butter bars and gorgeous graphic printed chocolates or the sweet selection at CoCo Sala's new retail shop.