6 Spots For Sparkling Cocktails

By Ashlie Hughes
Metrocurean contributor

It has been recorded that Dom Pierre Perignon, a French Benedictine
monk, exclaimed “Come quickly! I'm tasting stars!” when tasting his
newly created Champagne. What better way to spend the last few days of
2010 or the beginning of 2011 than drinking stars?

Here are some DC bars that are serving up tasty bubbly concoctions. Cheers!

Bar Pilar
The Italian Ginger, a mixture of cava, Domaine De Canton ginger liquor,
fresh squeezed lemon juice, and topped with a lemon twist.

Founding Farmers
Order: Fraise Fling (at right), an elegant drink with strawberries, lychees, Snow
Queen vodka, topped with a sparkling brut Prosecco. Or ask for the
off-menu Death at the Farmhouse, a unique blend of absinthe, Champagne,
Marnier and a flamed orange peel.

Farmers and Fishers
Order: Farmer's Fizz, a
delicious combination of Plymouth Gin, St-Germain, and sparkling brut wine. (Also available at Founding Farmers)
* Make it at home! Check out the Farmer's Fizz recipe here.

A carafe of their delicious sparkling wine sangria made with Freixenet
Blanc de Blanc Cava, Liquor 43, strawberries and mint.

PS 7's
Holiday “à la Parisienne” (at left), a refreshing drink made with cava,
St-Germain, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and Gary Regan bitters.
* Make it at home! Find Gina Chersevani's recipe for Holiday “à la Parisienne” here.

The Gibson
Order: The Lola, a drink mixed with Champagne, dark rum, lemon verbena syrup and aromatic bitters.

Ashlie Hughes has worked in the event management and television
production industries for the past seven years and is currently pursuing
her dream of becoming a food and travel writer. During her free time,
she enjoys trying new restaurants, searching for the perfect cocktail,
and daydreaming about traveling the world. She currently writes a column
titled The Aperitif for Patch.com.