Central Tests New Menu Items. On You. For Free.

The restaurant: Central Michel Richard

The deal: To get some valuable feedback before committing, Central will be serving up free samples of possible new menu items for two weeks.

The deets: Central turns to crowdsourcing to help choose its new bar menu. From Dec 7-21 each evening at 9:30 p.m., Central
chef de cuisine Arthur Cavaliere will give away free
samples of a new dish. Guests will have the chance to rate the dishes for flavor, presentation, marketability
and value. The highest rated dishes end up on the new menu.

If the promise of free food wasn't enough, here are the dishes to be
critiqued: tuna nicoise deviled eggs, chick pea fritters with
black olive yogurt, chili and cheese steak fries, mini lobster rolls
with tarragon mayonnaise, chicken marsala meatballs, chili and cheese
steak fries, French onion soup with dumplings and barbecue spare ribs with
cole slaw sauce.

Specially priced wine, beer and
cocktails will also be offered.