Pack A Picnic Next Time You Fly

On a flight pushing six hours to San Francisco last week, I came prepared. Never one to go hungry, I made sure the pain of flying could be eased by a simple, healthy picnic at 30,000 feet.

To avoid leaving myself at the mercy of the snack-pack-jet-kit-whatever-they-call-em boxes filled with partially hydrogenated fructose syruped substances masquerading as real food, I'm a BYO kind of girl. Whenever I fly, I pack a small, security-friendly bag of goodies to keep me sustained.

Here's how I think when deciding what essentials go into my in-flight picnic so I don't go hungry in the air and don't spill food all inside my bag:

1. Protein: Last week I went with all-natural pepperoni, the kind that doesn't need refrigeration. Beef jerky is another one of my favorites for very portable protein on the go. I'll usually throw in some nuts too, like almonds, cashews and roasted pecans.

2. Fat: It makes you feel full. I love the little Babybel cheeses for an uber-portable choice on a plane. 

3. Fruit: I like dried mango or apricots to snack on, or I'll toss in an apple.

4. Carbs: To go with cheese, of course. I packed a crusty whole wheat roll last week, which I pried open and stuffed with the cheese and pepperoni for a make-shift sandwich.

5. Entertainment: Chances are if you read Metrocurean, you're the kind of person who thinks food can be entertainment. I like to pack a little novelty, maybe something I've never tried, for a travel reward. I picked up some TCHO chocolate (very good) and Glee gum (cute package but the flavor lasts five seconds). Sometimes it's the little things that keep things interesting.

Yes, sometimes the person in the seat over looks at me like I'm crazy as I unpack my stash. But hey,
at least I didn't pay $10 for that sad little airplane snack pack.