Sweet Lobby Coming To Barracks Row

The Sweet Lobby will offer cupcakes and French macarons in flavors like rose.
Photos by Red Shoes Photography

Does Capitol Hill really need another special interest lobby? What if your special interest is French macarons and cupcakes?

The Sweet Lobby, a new boutique bakery, is poised to open soon on Barracks Row at 404 Eighth St. SE. Aiming to please all sides of the sugary trend wars,
the new shop promises to offer both cupcakes with their "nostalgic
perfection" and Parisian macarons boasting "refined elegance."

The macarons, looking tres jolie in photos by Red Shoes Photography,
will come in a variety of flavors like cappuccino, lavender, matcha,
rose, orange ginger, and pecan with dulce de leche (yes, please!).

Sweet Lobby will also offer shortbread cookies, madeleines,
European-style hot chocolate and its own private-label line of aromatic
loose leaf teas.

Check out the bakery's Facebook page or Twitter for updates on its arrival.


Anonymous said...

Yay for equal macaron-cupcake opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I tried some of Sweet Lobby's macarons at a recent event and I was surprised by how special they are. This is not your typical bakeshop confection. Light and creamy with a bit of crisp in the shell. Some flavors are refreshing and novel while others are exquisitely comforting. Hurry up and open!

Anonymous said...

I too had the privledge of tasting these amazing confections (macarons) and let me just say that not only are they delicious they are like nothing I have ever tried before. This shop will take off like wild fire!!

Raebycees said...

I was introduced to the macaron (not to be confused with macaroons) by the owners of The Sweet Lobby at a recent event. I can't tell you how fantastic they are! They are delicate and delicious. Can't wait until I can get my hands on them regularly!

Amanda said...

I loved the pecan dulce de leche!

Anonymous said...

The cappuccino and lavender are both delicious!

Anonymous said...

Excellent display. Love the packaging style.

Krizia said...

I'm in Trinidad and my aunt surprised me with one of the cupcakes. I must say that these deserts are inexplicably satisfying. Kudos to Sweet Lobby and I hope you all have plans to go international... Trinidad NEEDS a Sweet Lobby :)