Bucket Of Chicken, Michel Richard Style

In one of chef Michel Richard's best stories, he describes how as a young Frenchman, exploring the U.S. for the first time, he discovered the culinary curiosity of Kentucky Fried Chicken and had a texture epiphany. "The crunch!" he cried out over a lunch interview with me years ago.

To this day, that first taste of KFC inspires the master chef to add crunchy textures to his cooking.

So it seems only appropriate that his downtown restaurant Central is taking on that American fast food icon of greasy goodness, the bucket of fried chicken. You can now order Central's signature fried chicken to go — yes, in a big ol' bucket — with mashed potatoes and housemade Dijon dipping sauce for $29.95. Included is three thighs, three breasts and 10 nuggets.

Also available to go: the crazy good Central lobster burger, mac and cheese, soup, loup de mer and more.

Call in take-out orders for lunch Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m.-2:30p.m. Carry out orders are available during regular lunch and dinner service.


Eric said...

With a takeout option like this, will this mean Jazz in the Sculpture Garden will be even more unbelievably crowded?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, every DC blog has been reporting that this option is available for lunch AND dinner, which simply isn't true. I've tried calling for dinner twice so far, and both times they weren't offering the take out menu because they were busy. If they're only going to do it when they aren't busy, I'm going to stop trying to order.

Amanda said...

As I wrote, call-in is available at lunch. Carry out is available for dinner meaning you've gotta go in and order. My apologies if the wording wasn't clear. I hope you get your bucket o' chicken soon!

Anonymous said...

It's not clear based on the wording. "As I wrote . . ." sounds snarky and defensive.

Anonymous said...

And what if it was snarky and defensive? Grow a pair.