Sweet Gifts For Your Valentine

A round-up of unique Valentine gifts for the food-obsessed...

1. For the cook you hold closest to your heart, pink Himalayan sea salt is perfectly colored for Valentine's Day gifting. St. Helena Olive Oil Company's simple packaging gives it a homemade feel. St. Helena Olive Oil Company, $12

2. A heart baker, so much sweeter than a heart breaker. The fluted edges are reminiscent of paper cupcake wrappers. Crate & Barrel, $4.95

3. I don't know what it is about these precious marzipan elephants but they're too darn cute. Pop them on top of a cupcake or your Valentine's dessert. Dean & Deluca, $24

4. This decoupaged glass tray reminds me of a note someone might have passed in middle school. Jayson Home & Garden, $78

5. J'adore the packaging on Askinosie's single-origin sipping chocolate. They recommend mixing it with heavy cream. I say, if you insist. Askinosie, $15.50

6. Channeling vintage romance with calligraphy doves, Thomas Paul's melamine dessert trays would look fetching on a Valentine's Day table. Velocity, $32 set of four


Mary said...

Heeey, you can leave comments, now! I like the marzipan elephants. I've never had elephant before.

Amanda said...

I know! So happy to have comments back and thanks for being one of the first to chime in.

Lolita said...

heavy cream? do you think it would still taste good with something like 2 percent?

Amanda said...

I'm sure it's great with lighter milk - I just love how decadent the idea of making hot chocolate with heavy cream is. I could only drink a tiny cup though!