Eat This: Art & Soul's Mini Donuts

Doughnuts are one of those things that I always want to try making at home, but it's just easier to indulge on them at a restaurant and leave the vat of frying oil to the pros. Lucky for DC doughnut lovers (and lazy cooks), plenty of restaurants do freshly made versions.

One of the cutest I've seen is the petite box of doughnuts at Capitol Hill's Art and Soul. I had the chance to sit down to lunch with celeb chef Art Smith during a recent visit, and he professed his love for the jelly-filled version with housemade raspberry jam.

The assortment also includes a classic doughnut, a puffy cinnamon-sugar dusted square, and the sleeper hit of the bunch, a moist but light chocolate round. A demitasse cup of chilled coffee-flavored milk is perfect for dunking.

Eat This: The mini doughnuts are available on the dessert menu for $8 at Art and Soul.