DC Dish: Joe Yonan

In the latest episode of Metrocurean's DC Dish, award-winning Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan joined me to make a delicious recipe from his new cookbook, "Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures In Cooking For One."

In the book, Joe offers more than 100 recipes that celebrate the joys of cooking for yourself. "It's my philosophy that just because you're single doesn't mean you have to resort to take-out all the time," Joe says.

I love Joe's tip for whipping up soup bases to freeze into individual portions when you have some time, say on the weekends, and then "finessing" them into flavorful variations so you don't have to eat the same soup again and again — a common conundrum when cooking for one.

Find the full recipe for Sweet Potato and Orange Soup with Smoky Pecans here. (Soup photo by Ezra Poundcake.)

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