Medium Rare

At this new Cleveland Park steakhouse, the menu couldn't be simpler. The only thing to order for dinner is steak frites with secret sauce, served with a simple salad dressed in tangy vinaigrette and crusty bread with butter. My favorite touch: a second helping of steak is served later in the meal to ensure it's hot and cooked to the temperature you want. As well as an extra tangle of the very good fries.

The prix fixe menu is a relative steal at $19.50. Desserts, like a massive hot fudge sundae piled high with whupped cream, are an extra $8.

Behind the new concept are Mark Bucher of BGR, Brian Zipin (formerly of Central and Ray's the Steaks) and chef-consultant Cedric Maupillier (also formerly of Central).

Medium Rare
3500 Connecticut Ave. NW