Too Cute: Housemade Peeps at Buzz

It's that time of year when otherwise rational eaters get all giddy over sugar-crusted blobs of vaguely animal-shaped marshmallow puffs — Peeps. I have several friends who hoard them when they hit store shelves (you know who you are). Even the New York Times dining section has Peep fever.

For those looking for a fresh Peep fix, head to Buzz Bakery where pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac has crafted a recipe for handmade lemon peeps. A box of nine little marshmallow chicks is $11.50, and you should call ahead 24 hours to pre-order.

They're also irresistibly cute packaged in an egg crate with Buzz's Hatching Chick cupcakes, featuring chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. The 16 pieces, eight of each, costs $25.

The cupcakes are available through Easter weekend, and the Peeps will be available through next week. Give the bakery a call at 703.600.2899 to order.