Ask Amanda: Where To Buy Burrata

Via Twitter, @hellomisslariss asks: Where can I pick up fresh burrata cheese in DC? My go to for cheese doesn't sell it anymore.

Amanda says:
Great quality burrata is a beautiful thing. The rich Italian cheese bundles are made by stretching a firm piece of mozzarella around curds and fresh cream, creating a pocket of silky and creamy insides that can ooze onto the plate.

With tomato season approaching, burrata makes a beautiful salad with a few sliced fresh tomatoes, a drizzle of fruity olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. It's like the traditional caprese salad, only more decadent.

Here are a few places to buy burrata in the DC area, but remember, it's always a good idea to call to make sure it's in stock. The stuff has a way of flying out of the cheese case:

A. Litteri


Cowgirl Creamery


The Italian Store

And the beauty of lobbing out food questions on Twitter is that experts like chef José Andrés can chime in on a whim. Andrés recommended Balducci's for the creamy cheese.

Let us know if you've picked up delicious burrata recently.

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