Ask Amanda: Where To Buy Burrata

Via Twitter, @hellomisslariss asks: Where can I pick up fresh burrata cheese in DC? My go to for cheese doesn't sell it anymore.

Amanda says:
Great quality burrata is a beautiful thing. The rich Italian cheese bundles are made by stretching a firm piece of mozzarella around curds and fresh cream, creating a pocket of silky and creamy insides that can ooze onto the plate.

With tomato season approaching, burrata makes a beautiful salad with a few sliced fresh tomatoes, a drizzle of fruity olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. It's like the traditional caprese salad, only more decadent.

Here are a few places to buy burrata in the DC area, but remember, it's always a good idea to call to make sure it's in stock. The stuff has a way of flying out of the cheese case:

A. Litteri


Cowgirl Creamery


The Italian Store

And the beauty of lobbing out food questions on Twitter is that experts like chef José Andrés can chime in on a whim. Andrés recommended Balducci's for the creamy cheese.

Let us know if you've picked up delicious burrata recently.

Photo from italiannotebook.com.


Dara said...

Trader Joe's often has it.

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods both carry burrata.

Amanda @ Metrocurean said...

Thanks for the recs!

Brad said...

I got mine at Arrowine

Anonymous said...

several supermarkets in the area carry BelGioioso burrata, but in my experience it tastes nothing like the delicious creamy imported stuff they carry at the italian store.

Anonymous said...

La Fromagerie on King St. in Old Town often has it.

Catherine said...


kalimar said...

Liberty Tavern makes their own. Tasty