Great DC Farmers Markets

Peak season for summer's best fruits and vegetables has arrived, so grab your reusable totes and get thee to a farmers market!

I went on News Channel 8's Let's Talk Live to chat with hosts Melanie Hastings and Natasha Barrett about some of DC's best markets. Check out the video for a few of my favorites.

Metrocurean is always looking for delicious market finds, so tell me, what are the greatest products you've found at your local market?

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Anonymous said...

I have to say the Wharf Farmers Market is my favorite. They even have live music!

Amanda @ Metrocurean said...

Live music and booze is a real draw, I have to say. =)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the fabulous Bethesda Central Farm Market-Sundays 9-1 on Elm Street in Bethesda- It has everything from wine to bread, all the produce you can want, pastry to pickles, barbecue to paella, meat and poultry, cheese and even a knife sharpener!!

ChelseaB. said...

I second the Bethesda Central Market...absolutely fantastic!

Carolina Covarrubias said...


This link above can help you find a farmer's market anywhere you may be in the US! Helpful tool for exploring markets locally and far from home.