DC Scene: Fancy Food Show 2011

DC Scene: Fancy Food Show 2011 from Metrocurean on Vimeo.

A few hot weeks ago, some 2,500 exhibitors including 80 countries packed into the DC Convention Center to show off a whopping 180,000 food and beverage products. At the Fancy Food Show, retailers and chefs stroll aisle after aisle of samples, sleuthing out the best up-and-coming food trends and flavors — from the bizarre (earthworm flavored jelly beans, anyone?) to the local (DC's own Route 11 potato chips).

In this latest Metrocurean video, you'll get a sneak peek inside the massive show. I catch up with Italian chef and author Lidia Bastianich to sample her all-natural artichoke marinara sauce. And though I couldn't get her to belt out Lady Marmalade, I met up with Patti LaBelle to taste her (not-for-the-faint-of-heart) hot sauces and agave barbecue sauces.

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