DRINK } Prosecco Sorbet Floats

On a recent appearance on News Channel's 8's Let's Talk Live, I showed how to make elegant Prosecco sorbet floats. This delicious, couldn't-be-easier cocktail hardly needs a recipe. The key is a good quality sorbet. And of course a decent Prosecco.

For these I chose the summery sorbettos from Dolcezza — yellow peach, Santa Rosa plum and red watermelon, all made from Pennsylvania's Toigo Orchards produce.

Simply place one scoop of sorbet into a glass and top with Prosecco. I garnished the drinks with fresh herbs including purple basil, above. You could use mint or sage or even a slice of fresh fruit.

With peach sorbet, this is a perfectly chilly spin on bellinis, great for a brunch party. When the holidays arrive, consider using wintery fruits like cranberry for a post-meal dessert.

I also recommend a wide-mouthed coupe glass — it's easier to scoop the sorbet into.

Watch the demo (with live TV bubbly popping):