Toast Summer's End With Frozen Drinks

This video should also be known as "the one in which I open a bottle of prosecco on live TV with no fizzy mishaps." But on to the actual point of this piece ...

This uncharacteristic August cool spell has me thinking of ways to milk the last out of summer. Like with delicious summery cocktails. Last week, I went on News Channel 8's Let's Talk Live to chat about great spots for creative frozen drinks with hosts Natasha Barrett and Melanie Hastings. On my list: Estadio's slushitos, Casa Nonna's granita cocktails and the spiked milkshakes at Ted's Bulletin and now Bobby's Burger Palace.

I also show how to make a super simple and simply elegant frozen cocktail at home — no blender necessary. Click on over to learn how to make a pretty little prosecco float.