5 Bites: Melissa McCart

I've been missing my dear friend and fellow food writer Melissa McCart since she flew south to become the food critic for the New Times down in Florida. When she returned for a visit last weekend, you'd expect she'd pack in plenty of good eats. Here are Melissa's five highlights:

1. Pretzels and a charcuterie from Hank's Oyster Bar. I loved the newly opened upstairs back bar slip that's so cozy and intimate.

2. Madeira cocktail from Adam Bernbach at Estadio. The last drink he made at closing time was a classic beauty I sipped with terrific company at the wrap of September 11th.

3. Martini at Columbia Room. Derek Brown's is the most beautiful martini I've had. It inspired my visit!

4. Clams and pork at Full Kee. Delicious round during a lateish-night dinner feast for 15.

5. Burgers at Elevation Burger. Not quite sure how a trip to Elevation from DC hit the spot — over pho up the street from where I was staying, but it was better than any burger I'd had in weeks. Could have been the company (and the hangover).

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