5 Bites Turns 5! Send More.

It was back in November 2006 that a little feature called 5 Bites debuted on Metrocurean.

Since then, you ravenous readers, along with the city's best chefs, have supplied upwards of 2,000 suggestions for great dishes and drinks around the DC area. (Only half of which are Rasika's palak chaat. Kidding. Almost.)

Every week I'm thrilled to see new 5 Bites submissions pop into my inbox, making me hungry whatever time of day it may be. You are a wealth of food knowledge that I could never hope to match and I'm thankful to everyone who has ever sent in a list.

Which brings me to this plea: Send some more!! 5 Bites is an equal opportunity feature — you send 'em, I post 'em. And for a glorious moment in the sun, your eating habits are shared with DC's most discerning food lovers, restaurant owners and chefs.

So in case you don't know the drill, tell me five of the greatest things you've eaten recently, a little about yourself (blog plugs welcome!) and include a photo. Send it all to metrocurean AT gmail.com, and you'll eventually hear back from me with a date.

To whet your appetite and inspire your lists, browse the bounty of Reader 5 Bites, or peruse top Chef 5 Bites.