BLT Steak's 99 Percent, 1 Percent Burgers

BLT Steak's chicken fried Perry burger with "oops, I forgot the name of the dressing."
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Back in the day when I wrote a food column at Roll Call, I tried avoiding the myriad politically themed food specials constantly flying around our city like tired talking points. Sure, the seat of the country's government might be down the street, but I don't want my dinner with a side of punditry.

Well, scrap that for now because I happen to find chef Victor Albisu's new politically charged burger menu at BLT Steak quite clever.

At a press lunch Wednesday, I chomped my way through a baker's dozen of juicy patties, from the Perry (a chicken fried burger with bacon, steak sauce and "oops, I forgot the name of the dressing") to the Birth Certificate (a Hawaiian spin topped with Spam and pineapple).

But my favorite: The 99% burger and The 1% burger, breaking down the supposed sides of the current national debate into appropriate toppings (see above).

Which burger speaks to you?