My Guest Beast Turn on Foodie and the Beast

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to take a guest turn (twice!) in Foodie and the Beast's co-host chair with my good friend Nycci Nellis. I subbed in for her "beast" David to host the popular radio show, which if you're not listening to, you should be. (It airs Sunday mornings on 1500AM at 11 a.m.)

There's no showing up in your PJs for this gig. It's a party in studio with booze, good food and good company. Foodie and the Beast is filmed and airs on NBC Washington's Nonstop channel. You get a peek behind the scenes here.

In the video above, we chat with Food Network's Giada DeLaurentiis, chef Mike Isabella of Graffiato and Top Chef fame, Laurie Forster aka The Wine Coach, The Source's executive chef Scott Drewno, and former Rogue 24 wine director Matt Carroll.

For my second turn as co-host, we get to snack on the amazing pretzel rolls from District Commons that PassionFood Group chef and partner Jeff Tunks brought in. We also chat with cookbook author Melissa Clark, Bourbon Steak's executive chef Adam Sobel and pastry chef/cheesemaker Brent Balika, and Ralph Lee of Acqua al 2. Watch here: