Pairings: Teddy Folkman's Beer-Food Matches

When it comes to pairing beer and food, chef Teddy Folkman knows his way around a good match up. At H Street NE's Granville Moore's the chef creates "gourmet bar food" menus that are complemented by an excellent selection of Belgian brews and American craft beers.

Metrocurean asked the chef for some of his favorite beer-food collaborations, and here's what Folkman recommends:

The pairing: Pale ale (Sierra Nevada) and pad thai
The logic: The hops cut through the richness of the peanut sauce and spice of the Thai chilies, while the carbonation and malt refresh the palate.

The pairing: Stout (Guinness) and oysters
The logic: The sweetness of the malt in the stout complements the brininess of the oyster.

The pairing: Lager (Yuengling) and fries with Heinz ketchup
The logic: You can say regionally these two can be matched together. But it is the world's perfect ketchup (Heinz is known for its ability to touch all the flavor centers) with hot, greasy salted fries. A cold, crisp, refreshing lager makes this pairing work.

The pairing: White or wit (Allagash White) and mussels
The logic: This pairing is one that is not side by side but together to form one dish. The sweetness from the yeast and the slight citrus flavor are a perfect combination with the mussels. Add in some bacon and now we are cooking!

The pairing: Porter (DC Brau Porter) and a medium-rare ribeye steak
The logic: DC's own DC Brau's porter is the perfect match with a great steak. The slight smoke flavor, as well as the roasted malts, accentuate the beef when enjoyed together.