Give The Gift Of Cured Meats

Raise your hand if all you want for Christmas is bacon. (Uh huh, I knew there would be a few of you.)

I ran into the ever-ebullient Bev Eggleston at the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market this Sunday, where he had quite the holiday gift for the pig obsessive in your life.

This holiday season, his EcoFriendly Foods is shipping out "fine swine" cured meat gift boxes for $75. Tucked inside is four kinds of jamon, four kinds of salumi, two kinds of bacon and a package of coppa. All made with local animals, of course.

You may even be able to add some of chef David Guas' smoky bacon caramel corn from Bayou Bakery for an extra fee.

As Bev put it, he brought together some of the best cure masters around, from Allan Benton to Olli Salumeria, for the gift box.

With that gold foil, there's a bit of Willy Wonka magic about the whole thing. (Argue amongst yourselves if pig or chocolate is the superior gift.)

To order a "fine swine" box, call EcoFriendly Foods at 540.297.9582 or send an email to letsmeat[at]