Set The Table: An Airy Vibe

I'm a bit of a contrarian. I tend to run from the expected. That means when I'm throwing a holiday party, you're not going to find my table decked in shiny ornaments in green and red.

So when I was trying to think of a chic centerpiece for a celebratory lunch, I happened upon some tillandsia, aka air plants, at Logan Hardware.

I remember as a kid buying air plants stuffed in little sea shells at the beach. They seemed magic, able to thrive with no soil and hardly any water. Until my 9-year-old self pushed the limit on that, and the air plants turned to dried plants.

I vow to take better care of my new charges and their starbursts of dusty sage spikes. They evoke a sort of winter in Southern Cali vibe. Wouldn't that be nice.

To set the table:

One of my favorite table cover combos is white linen with a burlap runner. Soft meets rustic.

2. I set the air plants (available at garden stores or online) in shallow silver dishes I picked up at Miss Pixie's. To add another texture, I used a small bunch of white freesia, set in Moroccan tea glasses.

3. Add colorful glassware — I used Villeroy and Boch blue goblets — and white plates.

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