Easy Eco Resolutions To Make At Home

I joined the lovely ladies of News Channel 8's Let's Talk Live to talk about easy resolutions for making your home a little greener. Check out the video and add these resolutions to your list:

1. Frequent the farmers market. And start now. It's cold? So what! Bundle up and get out there to support the local farmers who are growing all kinds of delicious winter produce and humanely raised meats. Plus, learning to make a meal with what's available, not what's on some recipe list, will make you a better cook. Year-round markets include the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market and the Arlington Farmers Market. Find a market near you.

2. Recycle. Obvious, I know, but did you know in DC you can recycle plastic bags, aerosol cans, wide-mouth plastic containers, plastics labeled #1-7 and aluminum foil? Here's a full list for DC.

3. Start composting. Thanks to Compost Cab, there’s really no excuse. The service provides you with an odor-free, rodent-proof bin for your food scraps, which are picked up once a week and turned into rich compost. Have a garden? You'll get the nutrient-filled compost to add to your soil in return for your efforts. Compost Cab is $8 per week.

4. Skip plastic bags. You probably already have some reusable bags kicking around. I like canvas, which is sturdy and machine washable. Extra credit for stocking up on reusable produce bags, like these Chico Bags. (And when you do end up with plastic bags, see No. 2.)

5. Switch to eco-friendly dish soaps. I like Seventh Generation's line of Free & Clear products including the fragrance-free dish soap.

6. Use cloth napkins. I have a linen obsession and keep lots of boldly printed cloth napkins on hand. They're way more chic than paper. (And don’t make me beg you to banish plastic cups from parties, unless it’s a theme party and the theme is frat party. Have class, use glass.)

7. Shop vintage or used for kitchen and barware items.
As much as I love to shop and highlight eco-friendly products, buying old stuff is one of the greenest choices you can make. Check out Miss Pixie's for silver-plate bowls and glassware, The Hour for vintage barware, or a local flea market or Goodwill.

8. Reuse what you can. From jam jars to paper bags, think of creative ways to reuse items. Here are a few of my favorite reusables.