Where Can I Buy Duck Fat In DC?

Ah, duck fat. It's truly a beautiful thing.

Whether you're frying potatoes, making duck confit or sauteeing vegetables, duck fat adds delicious, savory flavor.
I'm not going to make an ill-informed judgment on duck fat's health properties, but it does have less saturated fat than butter and some beneficial oleic acids. And it tastes damn good, which is really what this is all about.

Where to buy it is one of the most common questions landing in my inbox these days. Always call to check on supplies before you venture out, but here's where I've had luck in DC: Seasonal Pantry, Wagshal's and Dean and Deluca (which has lots right now).

You can also score duck fat online. Try D'Artagnan, Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Williams-Sonoma.

Made anything tasty with duck fat recently?