Savory Style: Back to Basics

Great basics are the building blocks for stylish home entertaining, and they're what I crave visually this time of year after all the holiday pageantry. A few that recently caught my back-to-basics eye:

1. Picardie tumblers, Crate and Barrel, $2.50
2. Vintage bistro plates, Jayson Home and Garden, $18

3. Napkins with reclaimed suede ties, Branch Home, $38 for four

4. Flax dish towel, Fishs Eddy, $11.95
5. Vintage silverware, Jayson Home and Garden, $12 apiece

6. Azur cereal bowl, Emile Henry, $16

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Antiquerain said...

I do like the clean details. Very fresh. The bistro plates are cute.

A blue and white kitchen has always been appealing to me.

Amanda @ Metrocurean said...

Me too. I love blue and white!