Sour Is Here: Peregrine Pickles Its Espresso

You've heard of a pickle back, a shot of whisky chased by a shot of pickle brine. But how about some puckering up with your morning espresso?

Peregrine Espresso is pushing the sour envelope with a specialty drink now on offer, dubbed Love Potion Number Brine (above). Joining forces with new DC-based pickle company Gordy's Pickle Jar, Peregrine created a drink that mixes Gordy's sweet brine with espresso, milk and a little simple syrup on ice.

I'm taking this as supporting evidence that 2012 may be the year of sour flavors. Chatting with some food loving friends recently, we were discussing how sour seems to be demanding lots of taste bud attention these days. Take the vibrant Thai flavors at Johnny Monis' new Little Serow, or the trend in drinking vinegars. You can pick up Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar at Cathal Armstrong's new Society Fair.

And now pickle brine in your coffee. Will you try it?