VIDEO } Butter Poaching Steak with Michael Mina

When I first met Michael Mina before he opened Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons, I grilled him about butter. Bad pun, but very true.

I was fascinated (and maybe drooling) over word that the new steakhouse's beef would be poached in butter. This could not be a bad thing, but I was curious. Does the butter soak into the meat? (Not really.) Is it greasy? (Certainly not.) Can you taste the butter? (I'd say only faintly.)

I had the chance to join Mina in the kitchen recently to see first-hand just how this whole butter bath operation goes down. Turns out the poaching is Mina's clever way to seal the meat and keep it super tender while grilling.

You can even pull it off at home. Here's how:

How to butter poach steak

• Create a double boiler over low to medium heat by adding a few inches of water to a heavy pan, and placing another pan on top that fits just inside.

•  Add enough butter to submerge a steak, and heat the butter to 140-150 degrees. Use a thermometer to make sure it stays at that temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes before adding the steak.

•  Place your steak into the melted butter and poach it for 40-50 minutes, turning it over 3-4 times. Make sure the butter stays at 140-150 degrees.

•  Remove the steak and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Finish on a grill or in a cast iron pan to desired doneness.

•  You can strain the butter and freeze it to use again.