Eat This: Beau Thai Brunch

Walking through the chaotic, traffic-clogged streets of Bangkok a few years ago, I came across a vendor pouring batter into small semi-circular indents in a sizzling black pan. The faint smell of coconut wafted my way, and being a sucker for anything coconut, I bought a few of the little treats being popped out of the pan. 

Buying food off the street somewhere you don't speak the language can be thrilling, since you often have no idea what you're eating. As was the case with these coconut custard-like rounds. The crunchy exterior gave way to a creamy, fragrant center. The dish, called khanom krok, was one of the street foods that I remember most fondly from that trip through Southeast Asia.

So I was delighted when Beau Thai owner Aschara Vigsittaboot placed a platter of them on the table during a preview of the restaurant's new brunch dishes. (Disclosure: Friends are partners in the restaurant.)

In my April Essentials, I mentioned that Shaw's Beau Thai is launching a new Sunday brunch menu, and you can try the khanom krok for yourself, alongside Thai doughnuts dipped in condensed milk, sweet ginger soup with soy curd, quiche with Thai pork sausage, and a fantastic rice soup topped with a runny egg and ginger.

Beau Thai's Sunday brunch launches April 15, and initial hours will be noon to 3 p.m. A few more photos of what will be featured:

Pork rinds with green chile sauce.

Rice soup with a soft egg, pork sausage and ginger.

Sparkling wine with lemongrass and housemade limoncello.

Thai doughtnuts (front) and banana springrolls are served with condensed milk for dipping.