DC Dining Guide: May Essentials

Bayou Bakery's New Orleans style sno balls return this month.
photo courtesy Bayou Bakery

As summer nears, chef David Guas is bringing back his New Orleans Sno-Balls to Bayou Bakery, starting this weekend. The fluffy ice is drizzled with fresh fruit syrups and condensed milk.

•  A few month's back, I partnered with Gilt City and Cork Market on a fried chicken and Champagne basket, which I pretty much think ranks up there on the best food/wine pairings of all time. It was a hit and Cork Market is launching a monthly Sunday fried chicken and Champagne dinner. The first takes place this Sunday, May 6 from 6 - 8 p.m. in the market's upstairs dining room. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance by calling 202.265.2674 or emailing Tastings@CorkDC.com.

•  If you're still one of those people who think gin has to taste like pine trees and gin and tonics are dull, the revamped Jaleo in Penn Quarter is here for you. Their new G&T menu features six different takes on the classic drink, so you can tailor your order to your taste. Try the Vegetal if fennel, radish, cubeb and kumquat sound refreshing, or maybe the Herbal if coriander blossom, lemon and lime is more your thing. Or hey, drink through all six. I won't judge.

•  The14th Street corridor is getting some serious love, and not just because I live there. (Kidding!) The New York Times has run two pieces on the neighborhood's rapid growth: "In D.C., a Street's Grit Gives Way to Glamour" and a nice travel feature on the strip. Dining Bisnow rounded up 14 restaurants slated to open soon. But wait there's more! Taqueria Nacional is moving into the cute old Post Office space, and a few other deals are close to being disclosed. 

•  Meat master Jamie Stachowski's new Georgetown deli is reportedly open. Urban Daddy has some mouthwatering photos of Stachowski Market and Deli's sandwiches.

•  Getting better quality food to underserved neighborhoods is a hot topic across the country. This week, Arcadia launched its stab at a solution: a mobile farmers market set up in a retrofitted school bus. The market will bring fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and meat from Arcadia Farm and other local, sustainable producers to "neighborhoods that lack healthy, affordable food options by making scheduled, weekly market stops." Props to Michael Babin, Arcadia and the related Neighborhood Restaurant Group for the new market.

A few current favorite local snacks:

 I just discovered Keswick Creamery's amazing pimento cheese at the Dupont Circle Freshfarm Market, a new addiction for sure. (More on that to come.)

•  I recently picked up some raw, vegan treats from the new Gouter. The healt hful little snacks make perfect fuel when you're running around. The chocolate chip "cookies" I tried are made with almonds, cacao nibs, date paste, coconut oil, maca and vanilla. Find 'em at Smucker Farms and Seasonal Pantry.

•  And on the sweet side, Red Truck Bakery sent me a fantastic double chocolate moonshine cake, which you can order online. (More on the killer cake later.) 

• May 6: Chicken Fried Steak Contest with Foodie & The Beast and Black Jack
• May 13: Spring Farm Dinner hosted by Vermilion and Arcadia
• June 3: James Beard Sunday Supper at Edens' new Union Market