COOK } Bialetti's Eco-Friendly Nonstick Solution

If you're ever-so-slightly neurotic like me, you probably have some concerns over the supposed evil demons lurking in nonstick cookware. Noxious fumes, toxins, whatever, I've read enough to give me pause every time I pull out the ol' nonstick pan to fry an egg.

Then I received a new type of nonstick pan in the mail, courtesy of Bialetti, and my morning sunnyside egg comes with a little less anxiety. The company's new Aeternum collection covers aluminum with a slick ceramic coating, free of the concerns of traditional nonstick coatings.

The pans are lightweight and, man, an egg slides around like it's skating on ice. (Just be sure to use a little butter or oil.) And the pans are fairly affordable — the 8-inch saute runs about $25.