EAT } Farm Goods Delivered

My fridge has been bursting with local farm produce lately. I recently signed up for From the Farmer, one of the newer, more streamlined farm delivery services that have grown out of the traditional CSA (community supported agriculture) model.

Each week, fresh produce from the company's farm partners — Emily's Produce and Garner's Produce — shows up at my doorstep. I've been well-stocked in strawberries, the season's first squash and zucchini, plenty of greens, potatoes, onions and more.

As anyone who's ever signed up for a CSA can tell you, it's certainly encouragement to cook just to keep up with the supply. (Anyone want to come over and help me eat all that kohlrabi?)

For membership, From the Farmer offers three basket sizes, priced at $35, $45 and $55. Leave your basket out the night before your delivery and it's replaced in the wee hours of the morning with a full basket. Like the work of magic farm elves.

Each week, the company offers a helpful post on the latest produce, like how to store things and ideas for preparation.

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