DRINK } The New Bar Essentials

The craft cocktail movement has spawned an excellent new crop of tonics, syrups and bitters for your home bar. Here are a few of my favorites:

Morris Kitchen's Cho Lula cocktail
1. Morris Kitchen
Morris Kitchen's ginger syrup makes an excellent on-the-fly ginger ale — just add a few spoonfuls to sparkling water. And of course it makes a great cocktail addition. Try the Cho Lula with tequila, hot sauce and cilantro. And check out more recipes on Morris Kitchen's site.

2. Royal Rose
Hand-crafted in small batches in Brooklyn from organic ingredients, Royal Rose's line of simple syrups offers some amazing flavors. I'm a huge fan of the cardamom-clove, tamarind and lavender-lemon. In fact, I haven't tasted one I didn't love. Here are some mixing ideas.

3. Tomr's Tonic
I've watched many a gin-and-tonic hater be converted by Adam Bernbach's delicious rendition at Estadio. Instead of stealing a bottle of his housemade tonic, try Tomr's. I dare you not to join the converted.

4. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic
Coming out of Charleston, SC, this small-batch tonic is made with lemongrass, orange peel, quinine and sugar. I'm planning on mixing up one of these Jack and the Beanstalks real soon.