DRINK } The New Bar Essentials

The craft cocktail movement has spawned an excellent new crop of tonics, syrups and bitters for your home bar. Here are a few of my favorites:

Morris Kitchen's Cho Lula cocktail
1. Morris Kitchen
Morris Kitchen's ginger syrup makes an excellent on-the-fly ginger ale — just add a few spoonfuls to sparkling water. And of course it makes a great cocktail addition. Try the Cho Lula with tequila, hot sauce and cilantro. And check out more recipes on Morris Kitchen's site.

2. Royal Rose
Hand-crafted in small batches in Brooklyn from organic ingredients, Royal Rose's line of simple syrups offers some amazing flavors. I'm a huge fan of the cardamom-clove, tamarind and lavender-lemon. In fact, I haven't tasted one I didn't love. Here are some mixing ideas.

3. Tomr's Tonic
I've watched many a gin-and-tonic hater be converted by Adam Bernbach's delicious rendition at Estadio. Instead of stealing a bottle of his housemade tonic, try Tomr's. I dare you not to join the converted.

4. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic
Coming out of Charleston, SC, this small-batch tonic is made with lemongrass, orange peel, quinine and sugar. I'm planning on mixing up one of these Jack and the Beanstalks real soon.


Edward Crossett said...

Looks like a cocktail drink require a lot of mixing and ingredients huh? It's fine as long as the person drinking it knows how to limit their alcoholic intake, to avoid any health problems.

Edna Hart said...

How's the Jack and the Beanstalks? I just love cocktails, specially with the perfect food choices in a catering service. I remember my sister's wedding: I had too much cocktails because I enjoyed the food to eat with it! Thanks for sharing!

Leo Roberson said...

Cocktail drinks are what I love when going out for a date. A kind of drink like this gives me the confidence I needed.

Mattie Velez said...

I admire those people who have the talent in mixing up liquors and then later on, they will produce a heaven sent taste cocktail drinks. That's why I think, it'll be cool if I learn at least mixing up one cocktail drink.

Chloe Osborne said...

Wow those homemade cocktails look like easy to prepare! These types of cocktails are all that I need for our upcoming garden party this weekend; good thing we finished renovating our garden just in time!