MADE FOR EACH OTHER } Peaches & Bourbon

I can be a huge sap and I love "Sleepless in Seattle." Movie buff I'm not, but the Nora Ephron film is one of the few I can quote. The precocious, acronym-happy little girl in the movie provided plenty of obnoxious quote fodder. Like MFEO. Made for each other.

Which is what pops to mind when I'm faced with a blissed out food pairing.

Back in February during a trip to Miami, we tasted our way through the bourbon-doused cocktail list at Yardbird. My favorite: the Southern Peach, a delightful concoction of housemade peach preserves, Aperol, lemon juice, thyme and sweet tea with the requisite bourbon.

Peaches and bourbon. MFEO.

Not to mention made for summer. I've been scheming ways to get the two lovebirds together in my kitchen. One of the easiest: Pick up a favorite farmers market staple, Toigo Orchards' Bourbon Peaches, and spoon over vanilla ice cream.

Or give one of these matchmakers a try...

* Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicles, Endless Simmer
* Peach Basil Juleps, Emma Dime
* Bourbon Peach Hand Pies, Smitten Kitchen

* Bourbon and Peach Smash, Imbibe
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