STYLE } Vintage Oyster Tins

Once a home for shucked bivalves, a vintage oyster tin makes a down-to-earth vessel for flowers.
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I've been spending some time outside St. Michael's, Md., this summer,  and I keep spotting vintage oyster tins in the little antique shops that line the main street. (The Inn at Perry Cabin also has an impressive collection in their pub.)

I adore the retro styling and nautical graphics. They can command a pretty penny, depending on the age. Rare versions (check out eBay) can fetch $200 and beyond. (Did I read about one that went for $1,200?!)

I'm on the hunt for some affordable versions. They'd look stunning filled with a bright bouquet, like in the above photo from A great way to add a regional touch to a dinner party's decor.

Starting my collection now ...